Social Media Lessons From a One-Year-Old

Meet Lacey.


Lacey is a talkative adventurer who is running everywhere and finding joy in just about everything -- even disobeying. And before she is even two years old, she has lessons to teach.

She isn't on social media and cries every time the grocery store bagger begins to push her away in the shopping cart, but she is going to bless you with some knowledge. Let's get into it.


Lesson 1 - Share What You Love. It's More Fun!

Lacey loves airplanes, butterflies, and lawnmowers. 

She doesn't know to care what other people think about her. If she were online, she would post airplanes, butterflies and lawnmowers. 

It's simple: Share what you love more than what you hope other's love.

Sadly most of our social media feeds are full of what we think will generate response. While being socially aware is one thing, we're addressing if you're sharing your true self.

What excites you? What do you love most about what you do? Tell that story even if it's unconventional.

Fight for ways to tell your story, to share the details and the moments that compel you to love your work.


Becoming  more authentic is risky, but incredibly attractive.


Lesson 2 - Babble Babble Babble

When Lacey wakes up. She babbles. She shouts "Mama dada. Mama ma dada. dada. MOOOOMMM!" And then endless ramblings follow until she's asleep again. (I love it!)

What lesson does this hold for your business account: TALK!

If you have something to say, say it. If you don't have anything to say, find something to say.

Social media today is about staying top of mind and creating content.

Take pictures thinking weeks and months in advance. Sit on your content. Add it to a schedule so you can maintain it. Post as much as you can.


If you're afraid of over-posting make better content. If you're creating high quality content, it will be received well by the audience you are seeking.


Post More. Post news. Post funny things. Post reactions to news. Post awards. Post customer stories. Post it!

But, find a reason to say something.


That's all for now... I mean she's just a child.

The big takeaway: Post what really excites you, and find a way (scheduling into the future) to post it more often.

We really love Hootsuite.


Comment below the best useful tool you've used to grow your social media presence.