My Weird Beliefs About Logos (4 Rules)


4 Logo Rules To Live By:

  1. Your logo has to work for all of today's media (social media, billboards, business cards, etc.)

  2. Your logo must allow for expression, not hinder it.

  3. Your logo must grant access to your audience.

  4. You and people outside of your family should be willing to wear it.

Now, let's break it down like a song finishing a second chorus.


There is A lot of Pressure Around Having An Amazing Logo And There Should Be.

Today's culture does not read.

...Not even headlines. (You're probably scrolling right over this text right now, and I forgive you.)

The online customer today is (very) visual.

Our culture is driven by imagery... which brings us to the new rules of logo design to help your business grow!


1. Your Logo Has To Work Everywhere


What happens if you shrink your logo for a profile picture? Is it legible? Is it cut off?

I recommended focusing on a primary logo, considering a secondary logo, and absolutely thinking about an icon to use when space is limited.


(Don't forget that your tagline or website has to be readable too if that is part of your logo.)




2.  Your Logo Must Allow For Additional Expression


Logo design today is wildly different than it was five or even 10 years ago. Like every Gen-X'er I blame social media for it! 


But this new age of logo design is fun, and it's okay to join in.


Brands today have an incredible amount of freedom to manipulate their identity and be relevant. 

Brand strategists of old would slap you across the face if you were to attempt to create your logo out of coffee beans, or allow online users to draw their own representation of your brand. Now, it is encouraged through social media!

Instagram actually built their redesign on the concept that they wanted users to be able to draw it easily.

Don't be afraid to have fun with your logo and be human.


pexels-photo (11).jpg

3. Your Logo Grants Access

Friends don't let friends get a cheap logo. 

Your logo proves the quality of your brand and if you can be trusted.

Don't accept a McDouble of the branding world, if your business isn't a dollar menu type of work. Consider talking to a brand strategist or a graphic designer about your company, it's values, it's target audience and other various factors essential to your design.

Invest in yourself. Get a professional logo.

Your logo is your first impression proving if you have a right for someone's attention.


4. Your Logo Should Be Wear-Able


In the graphic design world their are two types of images "vector" and "raster." You don't need to know the difference, but you need to know what your logo looks like when it's one color.

Can you simplify your logo to a single color and maintain its integrity?

Your logo being able to be worn on a t-shirt is first and foremost about being clear and secondly about resonating with your audience.


Does Your Logo Pass the Test?

I'm happy to help.

I'll give you thoughts and suggestions for free. If you would like advice on strategy, I can point you to a number of talented designers as well as share how our team would approach it.