Peeling Behind White Flag

Meet Anna.


The internet can allow you to find incredible companies and incredible people without needing to try too hard. Then you might just find out like I did, that you know the Co-Founder of this amazing company you found as you are becoming captivated by its mission.

White Flag is a home decor company aimed to spark conversations about Jesus Christ through simple designs inspired by biblical truths. Their flags are designed to beg the question, “what does that mean?” and open the door for a conversation. 

In addition to creating an aid for you to share your testimony, White Flag seeks to empower you in your passions. 10% of the profits from our flags will go to one of our nonprofit partners. 

I want you to meet White Flag. Fall in love with their mission, hear their story, learn from their success, and admire their vision.


1. What sparked White Flag's birth?

White Flag started as a literal dream. That’s where I got the vision for the designs and overall brand. I brought my vision to Megan, my co-founder, and we built it together. She’s very organized, gifted in web design, and brilliant with numbers, which I am not. She has a way of keeping me focused when all my brain wants to do is run in a million different directions with multiple ideas. She also takes every idea I have and turns it into something tangible. The flags wouldn’t exist without her, they would probably still be just an idea in my head. We make a pretty great team.

To be honest, I think there was something hiding in my subconscious for a long time that ultimately sparked the vision.

I think growing up feeling like I had to look and act a certain way to know Jesus, and learning through my own story how vastly untrue that is, made me want to find a different way. I think somewhere in there, I wanted to create a way to display your faith while owning your raw, messy, authentic story.



Pictured:  "He Is" Flag

Pictured: "He Is" Flag

Pictured:  "604" Flag

Pictured: "604" Flag

2. How do you hope people would describe your business? What words would most flatter you?


That’s probably the toughest question. Any small business owner would want to hear how creative and wonderful their brand is…

And while that’s all great, and I certainly don’t mind hearing it, I think I would want the word to be "Freedom." 

I want people to feel free — free to share their faith, free to share their stories, free to connect and engage.



3. Your audience on Instagram grew very quickly. What do you recommend to other businesses and what's your secret to maintain such authentic images?



Connecting with our followers, responding to their messages and comments, engaging with them and listening to their stories. People want to be seen and heard, especially when they’re telling their story because it’s a very vulnerable process for anyone to talk about where they come from or what makes them who they are, which is what our brand is all about. 

In the same vein, if YOU are not connected to your mission and brand… it won’t be authentic.

To be honest, that’s something I really struggled with after we launched. Faith is something you are constantly figuring out, and it’s ever challenging and pushing me to dig deeper. There were times in the beginning where I got in my head thinking I wasn’t qualified to run a brand based on faith because I felt like I was far from having it all “together.” And during that time, I struggled to connect with White Flag. I struggled with writing captions for Instagram photos and answering emails from our customers, I even struggled praying over every order I sent out (something I promised myself I would never quit doing.)

But I had a very real moment with God where He reminded me that White Flag is not about having it all together. White Flag is about stories of struggle and surrender that refine us into strong and faithful followers of Him.

When I was able to reel myself back in and reconnect with the “why” of White Flag, I watched other people connect with it too. And so it grew...  

Pictured:  "Citizen" Flag

Pictured: "Citizen" Flag

4. What flag is your favorite? What's the story behind why that is true?


My favorite design is our "Citizen" design. I have one hanging in my home, and I think I credit that to my appreciation for cursive handwriting.

But my favorite flag is our "He Is" flag.

It’s the one that started the vision of White Flag.

It displays three greater-than symbols representing Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. It’s inspired by the truth that "He is greater" than us (our circumstances, finances, addictions,etc.) and we are greater in Him. It’s probably our strongest design and the foundational message of our brand.

Pictured:  "He Is" Flag

Pictured: "He Is" Flag


5. Where do you go for inspiration?


Books and people. I read a lot and I’m always asking questions. I think people are fascinating. It’s incredible that two human beings can go through something together, yet walk away with a completely different experience than the other. The human brain and how different people process things differently is something I think about all the time. Their thoughts, feelings, and stories are probably my greatest inspiration.

Pictured:  "He Is" Flag

Pictured: "He Is" Flag

6. And what good music is playing in your house these days?

I listen to a lot of Icelandic music while I’m working. Sigur Ros, Jonsi, Asgeir. I also really gravitate to French music from the 20’s through the 50’s — Charles Aznavour, Josephine Baker.

I also love Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong together, their voices remind me of my grandparents.

Pictured:  "604" Flag

Pictured: "604" Flag

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts Anna.

The "He Is" Traveler Flag hangs in my car and I'm so thankful to be reminded of the truth each morning. It has become a favorite part of my routine as I pull out of the driveway.

Because of White Flag, I have been reminded of the truth of the Gospel many mornings when I can tend to let the circumstances of the day be the forefront of my thinking. My White Flag has pointed me to the one who I can cast all my anxieties on and enjoy "surrender." Thank you for sharing your heart, but thank you for launching this company.