Peeling Behind Peach Dish

Meet Judith.


In today’s society, it’s rare for people to make time to cook together and to eat together.

Judith Winfrey is the Co-Founder and President of PeachDish, a meal-delivery company that ships more than 200,000 meals per year to customers all around the United States. Some customers get meals for every night of the week, while others invite PeachDish to create the menu for special occasions like Thanksgiving or Valentine’s Day. Ingredients are sourced directly from hundreds of small-scale Southern farms and food artisans whose selected products are featured in the PeachDish store. 

Together, Judith, and her Co-Founder Hadi, have built a business with a simple, yet meaningful purpose: to enrich and nourish people's lives through good food experiences. 

New York Observer opines PeachDish as “clearly the best meal-kit service.” Enjoy benefiting from hearing Judith's story, observations, and beliefs.



1. If PeachDish could do ONLY one thing to market itself and grow — what would you continue to do?

This is a tough question. 

Fundamentally, I believe that the most important thing we can do is to continue delivering a high-quality product and outstanding customer service. 

This is how we grow organically, which I believe is the strongest (yet slowest) growth.  We're still experimenting with creative growth strategies.  We don't want to do it like everyone else does.



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2. I love #PeachDishMeal — How have you found success sharing customer stories and creating virtual community?


The intersection of e-commerce and food is so interesting to me because e-commerce is so impersonal and food is so very personal. 

Food is the only thing we buy that literally becomes who we are. 

As an e-commerce food business, we found it important to make personal connections with people and #PeachDishMeal is one way to do that. 

We get a personal view into people's experience with our product. 

We see their kitchens and their dining rooms, how they plate the food. 

Sometimes we see their children and dogs and record collections. 

It gives us a better relationship with our customers.



3. What do you find is the most common misconception about PeachDish, and how do you fight against it?

Meal kits in general, including PeachDish, are criticized for the packaging, which feels wasteful. 

The truth is meal kits minimize waste in many ways.  Our food travels fewer food miles than most before it reaches the home user. Meal kits eliminate any food waste at home by delivering exactly what is required for the recipe. Our packing is 100% recycled and recyclable. 

We try to tell this story as much as possible so that people understand that what they perceive as wasteful is actually more efficient and less wasteful.


4. Has anything been a surprise or unexpected about PeachDish’s success and growth?

It's surprising to me that this meal kit industry has taken off like it has.  It shows how hungry people are (pardon the pun) for fresh, healthy, home-cooked meals.  




5. What is the PeachDish Magazine and when did you feel it was needed / the right time to debut? 


The magazine was driven by our desire to tell our story more completely by highlighting some of the vendors and chefs we work with. We are a southern meal kit business. 

We are trying to connect people with the foods and stories of the American south. 

The magazine seemed like a creative way to help make those connections. It's been really well received and a lot of fun to put together.


6. What’s Your Favorite Meal You’ve Had Recently?

So many of our meals are unique and delicious.  A few that come to mind recently are Cynthia Graubart's Country Captain --- such a classic southern coastal dish, it is delicious and I love that we got to share it with so many people who had never heard of it; Nancie McDermott's Shrimp Etouffee --- cajun food seems so intimidating,

I love it when we make something easy AND delicious for people; Chef Seth's Tomato Pie is a classic --- we brought it back from last year.


Wasn't That Peachy?


If you enjoyed learning from Judith's thoughts and experiences, please reach out to thank her by sending Peach Dish a DM or message.

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It Was About This Time of Year When I Discovered Peach Dish

The year was ending and my wife, Lauren, was weeks away from her due date (and even further away from the actual birth of our daughter.) My cousin gifted us a Peach Dish subscription and it changed our lives!

We had so much fun cooking, learned new things about creatively making meals, and ate some of the best-tasting, healthy food we can remember.