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Leading Brands to Discover Their Differences & Grow Using Proven Marketing Strategies.


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“Orange Identity found a voice I didn’t know I had, capitalized on reaching a niche, and grew my business.”

- Brent Curl, Sojourn Adventures


Any Industry. Any Size.

Leveraging key marketing principles work for both the growing side hustle and a nationally-renown business. The brain is funny that way.

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Our Goal Is Your Bottom Line.

Strong websites, emails, and communications don't only need to meet design trends. Good marketing drives revenue while, of course, looking good.

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Without amplifying your true story the "perfect customers" will never know your brand.


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Winning today is hard. Customers demand story, authenticity & strategy.


Here's the plan:

1. Discover your differences.
2. Launch a new message.
3. Prove your story using your site, your emails, and your social media and watch your brand grow.


one Question:

When Is It Worth It?


Difference fuels decisions.

What makes you passionate about your work? What makes you different than your competition?

I have found that brands often try to mirror and emulate other businesses when our own story marketed well actually attracts the "right" client and makes our job far more enjoyable.

Until you tell YOUR STORY, you are losing out on the customers who would love to work with YOU.